We help you to implement a biosafety protocol for your school in face-to-face classes.

With our innovative technology, take control of student's access.



  • Implement a biosecurity system in your school.

  • Control access and offer automatic monitoring of teacher's and student's when they enter the school.

  • Confirm attendance and keep an easier and faster count of student registration.

  • Send health surveys, obtain statistics, and if there any increase in temperature parents and teachers receive automatically a notify.

  • Feel safe. Your school, students, and teachers will be in good hands.

  • boy-warrior


  • Avoid crowds at the exit of your school and reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections.

  • With skolable, forget about the crowds at the exit of your school, reduce the risk of COVID-19 infections, and keep student's safer and parent's calmer

  • With geolocation, teachers will know when the parents are close to the school radius, so the school can deliver the student in an orderly and quick way.

  • Get a safe delivery and avoid long queues.