Dear Customer / User

At SKOLABLE®, we want to give you the best possible experience to ensure that you can use our platform today, tomorrow, and in the future. In this way, we need some of your data. Your privacy and security of your data is and always will be important to us and therefore, we want to explain in a transparent way how and why we collect, store, share and use your data, as well as describe the controls and options you have on when and how you choose to share your data with us.

These Policies apply to all SKOLABLE® services. The terms governing the use of the SKOLABLE® Service are in our Terms and operation´s Conditions (the “Terms and Conditions of Use”).

According to the established in the Federal Law of Protection Personal Data Held by Individuals (The "Law") and in compliance with the obligation of SKOLABLE® (through Corporativo Tres Marías, SAPIB de CV) consisting of protecting its client´s data, affiliates of any of the products or services belonging to the concept commercially known as SKOLABLE®, we inform clients the following:

SKOLABLE® technological platform is owned by Corporativo Tres Marías SAPIB de CV with address at 245 Torcuato Tasso Street, int. 8, Chapultepec Morales, Mexico City, Zip 11570, as the licensor or owner of the rights and their use.

In the case that you are a minor, we ask that before giving SKOLABLE® your Personal Data to use or access any of our products, services, and applications, you must consult them with your parents and not until you have their authorization and advice, do not share or display with us your data.

SKOLABLE® reserves the right to request at any time the information or documentation necessary to prove the age of majority or the express and written authorization of minors who have provided us with Personal Data, therefore in case of not corroborating or obtaining the information described above, SKOLABLE® may, without prejudice, eliminate the information and personal data from our databases, and even, suspend or cancel the sale or provision of the service, following to the terms and conditions of the product, service or application in question.

Collecting Personal Data responsible Person

The legal person responsible for collecting Personal Data (in this, past, or future acts) is Corporativo Tres Marías SAPIB de CV. The changes to the responsible person will be notified following current legal establishment.

Treatment of Personal Data

In accordance with the provisions of the Law, the processing of Personal Data (“Personal Data Processing”) is considered to be the obtaining, use, disclosure or storage of Personal Data, by any means. The use includes any action of access, handling, use, transfer or disposition of Personal Data. The Treatment of Personal Data by SKOLABLE® will be limited to the fulfillment of the Treatment Purposes provided for in this Privacy Notice and will be subject to the following:

a) In the event that your Personal Data is intended to be processed for other purposes than the ones of this Privacy Notice, SKOLABLE® will once again require your consent for this cause.

b) It will be the one that is necessary, adequate and relevant for the purposes described in this Privacy Notice.

How do we collect your personal data/information?
  1. When you activate SKOLABLE® as a USER: all the information such as your name (s), surnames, email, name (s) of your child (ren) and details about the school level they are attending. The form, authorization and means of registration in which SKOLABLE® collects your data is the TOTAL responsibility of the SCHOOL, so SKOLABLE® does not participate in such activity.
  2. When you register: we collect certain personal data so that you can use the SKOLABLE® Service, data such as the characteristics of your vehicles and their photographs.
  3. When you use SKOLABLE®: we collect personal data about the use of the platform, some data such as dates and times when you have to come to pick up your children from the school and the means by which you did so.

What do we use your personal data for?

Through this Privacy Notice, SKOLABLE®, in accordance with section II of article 16 of the Law, declares that the purposes of the processing of your Personal Data will be the following ("Processing Purposes"):

When you use or interact with SKOLABLE®, we use a variety of technologies to process the personal data that we collect about you for several reasons:

a. To allow you can access and use the SKOLABLE® Service, and above all to guarantee its technical functionality.

b. To provide, personalize and improve your experience with SKOLABLE®, for example, by delivering personalized content or quickly identifying the vehicle in which you pick up your children, among others.

c. To communicate with you either by email, through notifications on your mobile device or other types of messages, in all cases being aware of all the permissions you may have granted us.

Whom is your personal data shared?

The personal data that is collected in SKOLABLE® is shared with the SCHOOL in which it was registered, and with the service providers that allow us to operate the technological infrastructure that we need to provide the service and in particular, with the providers that host, store , manage and maintain the SKOLABLE® application, as well as its content and the data we process.

The COLLEGE is fully responsible for the consultation, administration, and maintenance and updating of your personal data.

Your personal data is also shared, in those cases in which we sell or negotiate with a buyer or potential buyer. In this situation, SKOLABLE® will continue to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data and will give you a notice before your personal data is transferred to the buyer or is subject to a different Privacy Policy.

In addition, we will share your personal data when we believe, in good faith, that it is necessary to do so to comply with a legal obligation under the corresponding law, or to respond to a valid legal process, such as a search warrant, a court order or a citation.

SKOLABLE® may share and transmit your data totally or partially to companies or affiliated companies, subsidiaries that are from the same group to which Corporativo Tres Marías SAPIB de CV belongs, in the same way any of the latter may adhere to this notice of privacy, and subject to the Policies agreed in it.

Additional to the mentioned, for no reason SKOLABLE® will share your data with other third parties, advertising or marketing agencies without your prior and express consent.

What personal data do we access with your consent?
  • Your photos: If you grant us permission to access your photos or your camera, we will only access the images that you specifically choose to share with us and the metadata related to those images, such as the file type and size of the image. . We never scan or import your photo library or camera roll.
  • The precise location of the mobile device: if you give permission to access your precise location, this will allow us to access the GPS of your mobile device to provide the approximate time of arrival at the SCHOOL. Please note that this does not include your IP address, which we do not use.
  • Your voice data: if you give permission, this will allow us to access the recognized voice commands through the microphone of the mobile device, in order to interact with the SKOLABLE® Service through your voice. Note that you will always have the option to disable the microphone function.
  • Your contacts: if you give permission to access your contacts, you will allow us to access the individual contacts stored on the device to help you generate THIRD PARTIES invitations so they can pick up your children.

How do we commit to keeping your personal data in safe hands?

We are committed to protect the personal data of our users, therefore we implement appropriate technical and organizational measures to help protect the security of your personal data; however, keep in mind that no system is completely secure. We have implemented several policies, including the pseudonymization, encryption, access and retention policy, to prevent unauthorized access and unnecessary retention of personal data in our systems, for this reason we detail each of the technologies below:

  • Database administration: Personal data is managed and protected through the use of databases, which are administered only by designated people by the COLLEGE.
  • Computer system: SKOLABLE® Databases are protected by firewalls, computer systems focused on preventing and preventing outsiders or unauthorized people from accessing your Personal Data.
  • Anti-Fraud Systems: We have various anti-fraud protection tools, which serve to detect strange operations and protect your bank details.

Your password protects your user account, so we recommend that you use a unique and strong password, and limit access to your mobile devices, computer and the browser, in case of transferring, losing or lending them, we suggest closing your SKOLABLE® session.

How to accept the privacy policy and the use of your personal data?

We will understand that you expressed your consent for SKOLABLE® to process your personal data when you express your wish verbally, in writing, by electronic, optical or any other technology, or by explicit signs such as that one that SKOLABLE® already has with your information at the time of registration.

SKOLABLE® will publish this Privacy Notice on its website, so that it is available to you when you require it, additionally, SKOLABLE® will show you the privacy notice when you register in the mobile application, so when you register in SKOLABLE® you will be informed of this Privacy Notice, putting it in a box with the legend "PRIVACY NOTICE", and a button with the legend "ACCEPT and CONTINUE", therefore when you click on the button it will be understood that you have read and expressly accepted the treatment that SKOLABLE® will give to your personal information.

In the event that you do not accept the content of the Privacy Notice or its modifications, you will be denying or canceling your consent and authorization for SKOLABLE® to use your Personal Data and consequently it will be impossible for you to use the Application given in the request of your the Personal Data for its proper functioning.

If I do not want to share my data

SKOLABLE® in accordance with article 26 of the Mexican Law in case you do not want your personal data to be processed for the aforementioned purposes, from this moment you can communicate the above, sending a clarification to the email

In addition, it is your right to request the COLLEGE to correct your personal information if it is outdated, inaccurate or incomplete (amendment); the elimination of all records or databases when it’s consider that it is not being used in accordance with the principles, duties and obligations provided for in the regulations (Cancellation); as well as oppose the use of your personal data for specific purposes (Opposition). These rights are known as ARCO rights. To exercise any of the ARCO rights, you must submit the respective request in any of our contact forms.

In case of revoking the consent you have granted us for the processing of your personal data, it is important that you bear in mind that not in all cases we will be able to respond to your request or terminate the use immediately, since it is possible that due to any legal obligation we require to continue using your personal data. Likewise, you should consider that for certain purposes, the revocation of your consent will imply that SKOLABLE® cannot provide you with all the characteristics or functionalities necessary for its proper functioning.

About changes to this Privacy Policy

When we make material changes to this Policy, we will provide you with detectable notice in an appropriate manner of the circumstances, for example by displaying a notification within SKOLABLE® or by email.

How to contact us?

Thank you for reading our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact us using the "Contact Us" form at or by writing to us at the following e-mail address: