For the register as a user, to access and use the technological platform called SKOLABLE, the user has to accept the TERMS and CONDITIONS of Use.

These terms and conditions of use regulate the way in which the platform can be used, like any service on the (site), the content published, and the use of users. SKOLABLE technology platform is owned by KIRITEK SA DE CV with an address at 600, Tres Marías Avenue, APT/OFF A-302, Tres Marías Section, ZIP CODE 58254, in Morelia, Michoacán, Mexico. As a holder of the rights and use are governed by the following terms and the privacy policy that you can consult at

The use of the platform, and all the content, implies acceptance of these terms of use and the privacy policy of SKOLABLE. Acceptance is accepted by the parent of the student THE USER of the student enrolled in the educational institution THE SCHOOL.

In case that any person doesn’t accept these "Terms of Use" which are compulsory and binding, they must refrain from using the SKOLABLE technological platform. The use of the platform and the acceptance of the "Terms of Use" will have the same legal force as an autograph signature and may be eligible as judicial evidence in controversy.

KIRITEK SA DE CV, as the owner of SKOLABLE platform, has developed a tool that consists of a technological platform called SKOLABLE, focused on making easy and efficient communication between USERS and SCHOOLS in the process of handing over the students at departure time the corresponding educational institution, contributing this application to improve and increase security in this process, reduce the automotive traffic generated by the same USERS who at the same time go to the educational institution to pick up the student.

THE SCHOOL and THE USER accept and recognize the benefits of the SKOLABLE application, understand and accept that the function of the technological platform requires internet service. All the parts need to understand than could exist temporal interruptions in case that the internet service or any other external causes for this reason SKOLABLE take over this responsibility.

THE USER of the SKOLABLE technological platform accepts to know the provisions that regulate the use and that are established with the understanding that SKOLABLE is a tool to get easy the information between the USER and SCHOOL in benefit of both.

  1. For the registration of the technological platform SKOLABLE, THE USER must provide their database like their name, surname, and email, for this, THE SCHOOL will send an authorization code by email and through this way begin to use the platform.
  2. Only people over 18 years old can register to the SKOLABLE platform, from this moment THE USER is fully responsible for this declaration, and, consequently, SKOLABLE reserves the right to block or cancel the account in case of detecting a falsehood in registration data.
  3. In case that the user is under 18 years old but over 16 years old and has a driving license that was expedited by a competent authority according to the rules and laws that apply in each place. The user has to attach official identification of the parent to realize the registration with their data, forcing to the present terms and conditions.
  4. Once the code has been obtained/gotten, THE USER must enter the SKOLABLE technology platform and create a secure password or it will not be accepted by the platform. Likewise, THE USER may add the characteristics of the vehicle (s) and their profile photo. The password is personal and non-transferable.
  5. The only means of access to the SKOLABLE technology platform is by email and password.
  6. THE SCHOOL will associate THE USER´S account with the student, consequently, it is the responsibility of THE SCHOOL to verify the authenticity of the information provided by THE USER for registration and authorization.
  7. THE COLLEGE is responsible for the information it shares through the Community section.
  8. THE SCHOOL will establish the measures that will be taken in the event that THE USER requests and does not pick up the student, releasing SKOLABLE from any responsibility.
  9. The cost for the use of the SKOLABLE technological platform will be the one designated by THE SCHOOL, if THE USER requires a tax receipt issued in accordance with current regulations, they must request it from THE SCHOOL.
  10. THE USER is aware that SKOLABLE (technological platform) will use the geolocation service through which it ONLY measures their time or distance to arrive at THE SCHOOL.
  11. THE USER can cancel the student's request at the time he decides.
  12. THE USER must follow the guidelines of THE SCHOOL for the student´s delivery.
  13. The delivery of the student may be denied by decision of the staff of THE SCHOOL.
  14. SKOLABLE does not guarantee the delivery on time of the student to THE USER, this will depend on other factors such as internet speed, SCHOOL logistics, and the same vehicular traffic inherent to the SCHOOL.
  15. THE USER and THE SCHOOL recognize that a SKOLABLE platform is only a tool that complements the student's delivery upon leaving THE SCHOOL.
  16. THE USER agrees to have a single account, consequently, he acknowledges that it is forbidden to have several user accounts as well as to impersonate other users, that is, they agree not to act through the accounts of other users or simulate another user.
  17. SKOLABLE DOES NOT STORE data such as routes, location or stops, it only uses them as a query and is not shared with any third party.

THE USER is aware that he is uniquely responsible for the use that is given to the activation code of SKOLABLE (platform), so in case of loss, he must immediately notify THE SCHOOL in order to notify such fact and request the replacement of the activation code through the previously established security processes. In the event that the relationship between THE SCHOOL and SKOLABLE is terminated, the service will be suspended for any USER. By virtue of the foregoing, it will be the obligation of THE USER to immediately notify THE SCHOOL of any improper use of the platform, of the password, or in case of loss of the platform data that identifies it and that puts the entry at risk sure to it. In the understanding that SKOLABLE by itself does not deliver the student, it is only a tool that does not replace the person in charge of THE SCHOOL for the delivery of the students, is subject to regulations of the Educational Institution.

THE USER, through accepting this document, expresses their willingness to abide by all the provisions relating to the use of SKOLABLE.

KIRITEK SA DE CV has the right to stop the service to any person who misuses SKOLABLE, THE SCHOOL, or USERS that may affect the third part. The USERS and THE SCHOOL can affect to a third part so that the USER and THE SCHOOL demarcate of any responsibility to SKOLABLE for the use of different purposes given for the application, as well as to get safe and peace from any demand or complaint.

VALIDITY. THE USER accepts terms and conditions of the license of use for the technological platform with this agreement is granted comprises solely and exclusively for the contracted terms.

THE USER accepts that KIRITEK S.A. DE C.V. may partially or assign the obligations and rights derived from this contract. THE POLICIES. THE USER will refrain from:

  1. Copy, redistribute trademark, patent, or other proprietary rights infringe the copyright according to applicable laws.
  2. Use reverse engineering techniques, decompile, disassemble, modify or create derivative works based on the SKOLABLE technology platform, content, or any part of it unless permitted by law.
  3. Sell, rent, sublicense or lease any part of the SKOLABLE platform or its content.
  4. Fictitiously increase the view count or otherwise manipulate the technology platform through a script or other automated process.
  5. Eliminate or alter the copyright, trademark, or intellectual property notices included in or provided through SKOLABLE's technological platform.
  6. Provide your QR code to someone else or use someone else's username and QR code.

THE USER understands and accepts that publish any of the mentioned content, KIRITEK S.A. DE C.V. will be empowered to proceed with the immediate cancellation or suspension of the corresponding user's account.

Each part, by mutual agreement, consent that the rights and obligations arising from this contract will be regulated, in what it does not stipulate, by Mexican law.

In case of any controversy about these terms of use, each part is agreed to submit the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts in Mexico or Morelia, Michoacán, at the election of acting part, surrender any other jurisdiction that may correspond to their present, futures domiciles or for any other reason may correspond to them.